Skull Soap on a Rope

Set of 3 Skull Soap on a Rope

  • $ 14.99

Set of 3 Skull Soap on a Rope - great Halloween gifts, Halloween Party favors and Halloween decor! 

Individually packaged. A great choice for those who would like to try a soap and give some as gifts! 

Our soaps are crafted essential oils, along with Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, and a good dose of Hemp Seed Oil...say hello to moisturized and HAPPY skin. Use as a body bar or hand soap. 

All soaps are crafted with a hemp rope - perfect for displaying your soaps, hanging on to them in the shower, or simply hanging them up in between uses (goodbye soggy soap dishes!). Your soap will arrive labeled "Trout on a Rope Soap".

Colors included:

Orange - Patchouli Orange oil

Coffee - Peppermint Vanilla oil with coffee

Red - Sage and Cedar oil


Individual soaps weigh approximately 3 oz.